Welcome to The Channel Zero Hour With J. C. Kaelin Website! The Channel Ø Hour With J. C. Kælin is J. C.'s weekly two-hour 11 PM - 1 AM late-night Saturday cable TV show, broadcast on the Altice cable network, and 24/7 online. Since its premiere on the Suburban Cablevision network in March of 2008, each month a new episode airs for four Saturday nights in a row on Suburban Cablevision's successor, the Altice network's entire Hudson County, New Jersey public access channels in Bayonne, East Newark, Guttenberg, Harrison, Hoboken, Jersey City, Kearny, North Bergen. Secaucus, Union City, Weehawken and West New York (check your cable guide for the public access channel for your Hudson County community). It's also archived online for everyone everywhere in streaming video at ChannelZeroNYC.com. We look forward to your joining J. C. each Saturday night at 11 PM on Bayonne Altice Channel 19, on the respective public access channels of Altice's Hudson County networks, and on streaming video 24/7 at ChannelZeroNYC.com!

Channel Zero Hour Episode List

Episode 55: La Divina Maria: Maria Callas!

Episode 54: 1984!

Episode 53: Asiatica!

Episode 52: The 1938 War Of The Worlds Radio Broadcast

Episode 51: JFK Inauguration & The Making Of The President 1960

Episode 50: Presidential Campaign Ads Part II

Episode 49: Presidential Campaign Ads

Episode 48: Rhythm And Blues Revue

Episode 47: The Steve Allen Show (1962)

Episode 46: Justice In America Special

Episode 45: More Classic TV Music & Dance Shows

Episode 44: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 5 + A Fred Allen With "Allen's Alley" Radio Broadcast

Episode 43: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 4 + Jean Shepherd's "Age Of Total Showbiz" Radio Broadcast

Episode 42: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 3 + New Deal Films

Episode 41: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 2 + Boop-Oop-A-Doop Part 2

Episode 40: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 1 + Boop-Oop-A-Doop Part 1

Episode 39: The Parade (Crazy North Korean Film) / Cops & Robbers (Edward G. Robinson Documentary)

Episode 38: Holiday Season Special

Episode 37: Classic TV Music & Dance Shows

Episode 36: Movie Serials Vol. 12 (Finale) + A Cartoon Cavalcade

Episode 35: Movie Serials Vol. 11 + A Jonathan Winters Tribute

Episode 34: Movie Serials Vol. 10 + Anti-Oppression/Anti-Bullying Films

Episode 33: Movie Serials Vol. 9 + Korean War Films

Episode 32: Movie Serials Vol. 8 + Jean Shepherd's Black History Radio

Episode 31: Movie Serials Vol. 7 + Black History Films

Episode 30: Movie Serials Vol. 6 + Christmas Special

Episode 29: The Making Of The President 1960

Episode 28: Movie Serials Vol. 5 + Vintage Political TV Ads

Episode 27: Movie Serials Vol. 4 + Neil Armstrong Tribute "Apollo 11: The Eagle Has Landed"

Episode 26: Movie Serials Vol. 3 + Excerpt From "Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story Of Flying Saucers"

Episode 25: Movie Serials Vol. 2 + Vintage TV Commercials

Episode 24: Movie Serials Vol. 1 + Vintage TV Commercials

Episodes 19 & 20: Labor Union Films Parts 1 & 2

Episode 17: Soupy Sales Lost TV Pilot, And Episode 12: Sandy Becker TV Show Outtakes

Episode 10: Subways, Trains & Railroads, And Episode 15: Teen Dating Films

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