The Channel Hour With J. C. Kaelin is J. C.'s weekly 2 Hour 11 PM-1 AM late night Saturday cable TV show broadcast on the Hudson County Cablevision network and 24/7 online, where you can see and hear some of the great audio and video treasures in the multimedia archives of! Since its premiere in March of 2008, each month a new episode airs for 4 Saturday nights in a row on all Cablevision's Hudson County New Jersey public access channels (check your cable guide for the public access channel for your Hudson County community), and it's archived online for the whole world to see in streaming video at! We look forward to your joining J. C. each and every Saturday night at 11 PM for two hours of audio/visual wonderfulness (and anytime at all at!).

The Channel Zero Hour Epi. 53: Asiatica!

A sixteen-year-old Nancy Sit, star of the Hong Kong stage and screen in the 1960s, sings us into and out of this collection of our Metropolitan Neighborhood series episodes featuring the incredible music of Japanese rockers Budo Grape and Gelatine, and performances and an interview of the Indonesian thrash rock band Suaka; plus new additions to the Channel Zero archives: a complete 1990 Sino-World evening news special on the Taiwan National Assembly Riot, complete with commercials in English and Mandarin; the 1969 Hearst Metronome newsreel "From Enemy To Ally: Japan"; and Bruce Lee advertises his Green Hornet TV show - with everything all mixed-in with PSAs from Howdy Doody and Captain Video on "fighting bigotry and prejudice", as usual!

*Premiered And Archived Saturday, November 17, 2018

NOTE: Show starts immediately, rather than, as with other shows, shortly after the 30 second tone and bars mark
used by the cable company to queue up the show for broadcast.

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