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The Channel Zero Hour Epi. 58: The American Diary: Volume One: Episodes 1 Through 4

American History during the age of the silent motion picture camera, beginning with The Gilded Age and ending With The Great Depression, hosted and narrated by E. G. Marshall in this complete 1983 television documentary series!


Epi. 1: New Beginnings 1895-1904: Thomas Edison pioneers motion pictures; the Black Foot Indians, Buffalo Bill and the vanishing American frontier; the Spanish-American War; the Assassination Of William McKinley; the first film commecials (Admiral Cigarettes) and first anti-smoking ads; sports in film; Vaudeville; the illusionist films of The Lumière Brothers; the birth of flight; the New York City subway system; the Boston trolley system.

Epi. 2: The Brave New Age 1903-1912: Carrie Nation and The Temperence Movement; Anna Held; D.W. Griffith; Adele DeGarde, the first child star; Mary Pickford; immigration to the United States; the decline of the American famer and the rise of the industrial cities; The San Francisco Earthquake; the rise of Los Angelese through Mexican heritage parades; Theodore Roosevelt; the construction of the Panama Canal; the rise of the horseless carriage and its transformation of America; Mary Pickford.

Epi. 3: Winds Of Change 1912-1916: The RMS Titanic; Theodore Roosevelt; rural America; the rise of the steel industry; Henry Ford and the assembly line; the popularity of rodeos; Will Rogers; Sarah Bernhardt; Charlie Chaplin; World War I begins; the Tank; the U-Boat; the sinking of the RMS Lusitania; American pleasure-seeking and Coney Island; Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton.

Epi. 4: Clouds Of War 1916-1917: Chasing Pancho Villa; building The Panama Canal; Samuel Gompers and the Labor Movement; opression of American Blacks; the Women's Suffrage movement; Winsor McCay and film animation; W.C. Fields; evolution of military aviation and its employment in World War I; American war relief of Europe during The Great War; America enters what President Woodrow Wilson called "The War To End All Wars".

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*Grand Premiered And Archived Saturday, September 3, 2022

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