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The Channel Zero Hour Epi. 50: Presidential Campaign Ads Part II

It's presidential campaign season, and we're doing our part in the decision-making process by providing you this caravan of another two hours of presidential election campaign tv ads, from 1968 to 1988, including Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, John Anderson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Walter Mondale, Ted Kennedy, Howard Baker, George Bush, John Glenn, Gary Hart, Geraldine Ferraro and more, plus Second City Television and a faux Bobby Kennedy weigh in on the matter!

Like our prior program, Presidential Campaign Ads Part I, this program will show you how political parties used advertising to infuence people's thinking, how the advertising industry presented it, and how the methods employed evolved and changed over time, all of it useful in evaluating the political ads of the moment.

*Archived October 8, 2016

NOTE: Show starts shortly after the 30 second tone and bars mark
used by the cable company to queue up the show for broadcast.

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