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The Channel Zero Hour Epi. 44: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 5
+ A Fred Allen With "Allen's Alley" Broadcast

The 5th chapters of our current cycle of Classic Movie Serials + A Fred Allen With "Allen's Alley" Radio Broadcast! This cycle includes The Dead End Kids in "Sea Raiders", the very first of the "Flash Gordon" serials (1936), and "The Green Hornet", plus in this episode a complete Fred Allen Show with aired January 20th, 1946, complete with "Allen's Alley" alumni Senator Claghorn (the inspiration for the Warner Brothers cartoon character "Foghorn Leghorn"), Titus Moody, Mrs. Nussbaum and more -- plus for the first time, in addition to our regular wacky old time television commercials, we're introducing classic movie trailers and radio commercials! Hear trailers for "The Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary", "TNT Jackson" and more, with radio ads for "The Ginsberger" competing with "Whoopee Whoopee Burgers" AND a classic pirate radio commercial for "DOCTOR WHO AND THE DALEKS" from 1966! Plus film shorts on the TV & movie industry way back when and lots more funny & funky stuff!

*Archived July 26, 2014

NOTE: Show starts shortly after the 30 second tone and bars mark
used by the cable company to queue up the show for broadcast.

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