Welcome to The Channel Zero Hour With J. C. Kaelin Website! The Channel Hour With J. C. Kaelin is J. C.'s weekly 2 Hour 11 PM-1 AM late night Saturday cable TV show broadcast on the Suburban Cablevision network and 24/7 online, where you can see and hear some of the great audio and video treasures in the multimedia archives of MediaOutlet.com! Since its premiere in March of 2008, each month a new episode airs for 4 Saturday nights in a row on Hudson County New Jersey's Bayonne Cablevision Channel 19 and its fellow New Jersey cable carriers, and it's sneak previewed a few days earlier than its first cable airing for the whole world to see at ChannelZeroNYC.com! We look forward to your joining J. C. each and every Saturday night at 11 PM on Bayonne Cablevision Channel 19 and its fellow New Jersey cable carriers, as well as at our website for streaming video broadcasts 24/7 at ChannelZeroNYC.com!

The Channel Zero Hour Epi. 40: Movie Serials Season 2 Vol. 1
+ Boop-Oop-A-Doop Part 1

A new 15 month cycle of Classic Movie Serials! This cycle includes The Dead End Kids in "Sea Raiders", the very first of the "Flash Gordon" serials (1936), and "The Green Hornet", plus Part 1 of 2 of the Steve Allen documentary on Betty Boop, "Boop-Oop-A-Doop", mixed-in with outrageous Sandy Becker commercial outtakes, Ernie Kovacs' fake TV ads, a 1980 Ugly Dog Contest and the usual mix of wacked-out vintage TV commercials!

*Archived April 12, 2014

NOTE: Show starts shortly after the 30 second tone and bars mark
used by the cable company to queue up the show for broadcast.

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